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The Single Swag
(pictured above)

The swag comes with the mattress of your choice - 13mm. (.5 in.) High density flannelette lined foam or 50mm. (2 in.) Self inflating THERMOMAT.
Long belts and clip buckles are attached. Durapel swags are available in colours for use in the sand.
You can make this swag as cool or warm as you like. No restrictions and no zipper to break.
Standard (6'6") - $268
Long (7'6") - $288
Add $99 for Self infl. mattress

The Single Swag

Available in two lengths 225cm.(7’6”)or 195cm.(6’6”) in black, brown and
Aust. Army camouflage.

The Thermomat


The self inflating THERMOMAT provides a 2” thick mat for your swag. To inflate simply release the valve and wait. Reset the valve on completion. When it’s time to go simply release the valve again and as you roll the swag, pressure will expel the air. Being in a swag is the perfect environment for the mat giving protection from the ground. The mat, as well as the tarp, are perfect accessories for the swags.
Price - $99

The Double Swag

As you can see from the diagram, this swag has two mattresses which lie in the middle section of the swag. One double flap goes over the two mattresses and the other double flap goes over on top, so you can make it as warm or cool as you like. There are two pockets at the top to store clothing . At the foot of the swag the throw over pieces of oilskin tuck under the mattress pocket, to ensure protection from weather and undesirables.
Double Standard - $398
Double Long - $425
Add $99 for Self infl. mattress

The Double Swag

Rolled up size 28cm. (11in.) diameter X 71cm. (28in.) wide

The Bike Tarp and Inflatable Mattress

The Tarp

The tarp is a piece of oilskin measuring
3 x 1.5 metres to be used as a roof over your bike and swag for privacy and protection. The tiedowns are sewn in oilskin lugs so as not to scratch your bike. It rolls up tight and is available in black or brown or Aussie camouflage. Compliments the swags, giving privacy and added protection.
Price - $94

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Unbeatable Saddle Bag Offer

Unbeatable Saddle Bag Offer Includes:

$268 SWAG
$610 SADDLE BAGS - made of 3.5mm. leather with a strong poly inner to center gusset with adjustable cross over strap, solid base, chrome buckles, neat style. Size 420 wide X 300 high X 150 deep
$106 SADDLE BAG INSERTS (pair) - These saddle bag liners are made from Durapel, a waterproof teflon coated cotton. They each measure 14”X 13” X 5” with handles that go right around the bag for maximum support, and a zipper across the top for easy access. There is no need to dismantle your entire setup when you get where you’re going, just grab your saddle bag inserts. Black only.
$109 TOOL BAG - 250mm X 100mm X 100mm.
Jut the right size and easy to access.
$52 LEATHER SWAG STRAPS - 1600mm X 25mm X 4mm.
More than long enough to hold the load.

...all for the amazing price of $985 (save $160)!!
Click here to download an order form

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Carry Bag Saddle Bag Inserts

Carry Bag -
Everything Bag

71cm (28") long
36cm (14") high
33cm (13") wide
These bags have a zipped top and the handles go right round the bag for extra support. Fits single swag
Price - $75

Saddle Bag Inserts

These saddle bag liners are waterproof durapel, a teflon coated cotton. 14"x13"x5" with handles that go round the back for extra support and a zip top for easy access. No need to take your saddle bags off when you get there, just grab your saddle bag inserts. Black only. Standard in the leather saddle bags.
Price - $53

Shoulder Bag Tac Bag - Overnight Bag

Shoulder Bag

Manilla Folder Size.
The adjustable D ring strap goes right around the base of the bag to support the weight. Velcro front flap - no need to remove gloves.
Price - $57

Tac Bag
Overnight Bag

57.5cm (23") long
20cm (8) high
20cm (8") wide
Construction similar to carry bag
Price - $56

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